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Turn any containerized application into a cloud-native SaaS

What is KuberLogic?

KuberLogic can take a containerized application and turn it into a functional SaaS offering, with integrated billing, monitoring, and customer management within days or even hours.

Features included

Multi-Tenancy for your application

KuberLogic adds Multi-Tenancy to applications using namespace per tenant model, which represents a good blend of isolation and efficiency.

Backup/Restore capability

Backups and restores feature is provided via Velero integration. Both file-based and volume snapshot based backups are supported.

Subscriptions and Billing

KuberLogic uses webhooks to integrate with various billing providers such as ChargeBee, Stripe, or any other custom services.

Custom domains and TLS support

KuberLogic automatically ensures subdomain allocation and access through it for each Tenant. Allows you to secure application access with SSL.

Application updates

KuberLogic allows you to manage application updates on a per-tenant basis, which gives a wide range of customization options.

CLI and API for management

KuberLogic provides CLI and REST APIs that give you the ability to manage application instances, as well as rich integration options.