With KuberLogic you can deploy, manage and scale software using Kubernetes in a frictionless way. Any supported software is turned into managed SaaS - hosted on your Kubernetes cluster. We have API, monitoring, backups, and integration with SSO right out of the box.

Share your improvement by contributing to our codebase. It's simple as that, no barriers, no prolonged procedures.
Developer friendly
A CLI with an extensive documentation created by developers for developers, will help you to integrate the framework with your workflows.
Self-managed Infrastructure
All the core needs of production-grade software are covered out of the box. Implement backups inside KuberLogic, you don't need to spend weeks/months for an open-source database launching.
Simple UI
Generic and simple User Interface with all advanced features available. Use the same familiar interface to work with databases, data pipelines solutions, etc.
Built on Kubernetes
Built on Kubernetes
Easy to get started
Launch your first database, data pipeline or any other software in minutes. You'll get a production-grade software out of the box.
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Kubernetes operator
The operator that could be installed on top of the Kubernetes cluster, and can launch and monitor other services.
Support for SQL-like databases

Currently, we support:

1. MySQL

2. PostgreSQL

Support for non SQL-like databases

1. Redis

2. MongoDB

Cover most popular open source projects
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Report a bug
Use our GitHub to create a ticket.
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  • • tracebacks,
  • • screens,
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