Project Updates

KuberLogic 1.0.2 Release

We’re pleased to announce that a new KuberLogic v.1.0.2 was released.


v.1.0.2 Latest


  • Kubernetes 1.21 support #96
  • Allow platform configuration for Kuberlogic components #106
  • Add EKS support #106

Bug Fixes

  • Backup configurations can be edited again #102
  • Set authorization token lifetime to 1 hour #101
  • Backups now work with AWS S3 #100
  • Improved external address discovery for services #99
  • Use buildkit for building images #92
  • Validate Keycloak tokens using introspection endpoint #92
  • Service should return service name with namespace appended #95
  • Do not attempt to delete Grafana user if an org does not exist #103



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